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Aquatic Start: Your Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York Experts in Aquarium Maintenance and Reef Servicing.

Since the beginning of time, all of humanity has been surrounded by water. We find it soothing, peaceful, and serene. That's why our aquariums are found in high-end restaurants, doctor's offices, hotels, and galleries. Attractive aquariums lend an air of elegance while appealing to our primal instincts – the best of both worlds.

At Aquatic Start, we have more than three decades worth of experience in bringing beautiful aquarium solutions to both private residences and businesses alike. Our aquarium cleaning that is unparalleled. We realized there was a need for an aquarium design company that took the guesswork out of owning and maintaining a beautiful aquarium – a company that could provide the public and businesses with high-quality aquariums, reef tanks and custom aquarium cabinets for their home or office to fit every budget and design preference. Every aquarium we build is constructed with only the best components from tank lighting to aquarium filtration systems. We use only the top-of-the-line tested and proven products to ensure your new aquarium will last for many years to come. We work with industry leaders and artisan tank builders as well as offering a full line of fish supplements and nutritional products. Even when empty, our freshwater and saltwater tanks are works of art.

Find your custom connection to water today. Call us to schedule a free consultation to assess your needs at (215) 780-0120 or (609) 423-4120. Servicing Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Westchester New York.

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Aquatic Start now offers insurance and insurance verification quotes for repair/replacement estimates and verification. Call us for details.

Some people remark that even though we're experts in the latest technology, working with us is like going back in time — to when businesses still cared about customer service and treated customers with respect. That's how we were raised. Call us today. You'll be glad you did.

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