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The Tri-State Leader in Professional Aquarium Maintenance

Aquatic Start's salt aquarium specialist Joe  with the guys from TankedAquatic Start has the knowledge and experience to help maintain your aquatic environment. For more than 20 years, Aquatic Start has provided professional saltwater and freshwater aquarium services throughout Philadelphia and the tri-state area. We provide all of the necessary services to ensure your aquarium stays healthy and thriving while offering flexible maintenance programs that meet your scheduling needs, and the requirements of your individual aquarium.

We can guide novices or advise experts with our years of know-how. From freshwater setups to salt water reef systems, Aquatic Start can help you design, setup, and maintain the type of aquarium you choose. Together we can unravel the mysteries of bringing ocean, river, and lake life into your home. Aquatic Start can help give your new friends an environment that is healthy and will help tankmates flourish. 

Our experience in custom aquarium design, filtration, and aquarium plumbing allows us to create some of the most amazing aquariums possible. We can install in-wall, round, rimless, zero-edge, desktop, table or floor aquariums. Aquatic Start can turn your dreams into reality. Plus, our aquarium cleaning and maintenance services are unparalleled. Joe Aqua is currently studying for his nursing boards. Yes, that's for humans. But his education in biology, chemistry, and physics has proved to be invaluable in determining the best water for your fish. Successful aquariums are a perfect balance of beauty and science. And with Joe's decades of purchasing experience, you can be sure to get the best prices on all your aquarium needs.

Call us today and schedule a free consultation to assess your needs at (215) 780-0120 for the Greater Philadelphia area or Central and Southern New Jersey.

For more up-to-the-minute free tips, tricks, and other important information, "Like" our Facebook page here! We also have a growing selection ot YouTube videos that you may find helpful. You can find those here. Some people remark that even though we're experts in the latest technology, working with us is like going back in time — to when businesses still cared about customer service and treated customers with respect. That's how we were raised. Call us today. You'll be glad you did.

"The reason I love this business and give it five stars is because of how incredibly helpful Joe the owner is. Joe not only has a vast depth of knowledge about saltwater fish and corals, but a friendly willingness to take the time to share that knowledge and help his customers. Amazingly, there have been many times where I've actually got a free idea on how to fix a problem or issue I had when he could have tried to sell me something instead. This helpfulness is also the reason I keep going back. His prices are very reasonable too. I highly recommend Aquatic Start!"    - Jake McGrew

"Joe is the master of salt water tanks and aquariums. You've probably seen his work at large spas, medical offices, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other places where you'll find large salt water aquarium installations. He's the go-to guy for all of our aquarium maintenance work." - Danny Ellis

"Our 100 gallon salt water aquarium in my Philly office had a nasty red algae bloom. I tried to fix it myself, but it kept coming back. Called Aquatic Start from a referral from my doctor's office. Joe came out and figured out what the problem was, and less than 48 hours later, it was all cleared up. He came back and did a water change too. Very friendly guy too, gave me a lot of useful information and recommendations for a frag tank I want to build. Good thing, too, or I might have blown thousands of dollars and killed all of the coral. We've got Aquatic Start on retainer now, and I can't say enough good things about their service." - Miso Grey

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