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Salt water tanks aren't rocket science. With fish only, saltwater aquariums are simpler than you may think. A variety of saltwater fish with different colors, shapes, and sizes, combined with free standing real or artificial coral can create a wonderful aquarium for any surrounding. Water quality, fish compatability, filtration, lighting, and feeding are key factors to ensure a healthy life for your saltwater aquatic community. If not maintained properly, water quality can become poor, leading to bacterial infections, parasites, and even the death of your fish. Saltwater fish are primarily caught in the wild and require more attention due to their sensitivity. Doing research, having dedication, patience, and working together with Aquatic Start can greatly improve your aquariums balance and overall health of your aquatic community.

Three of the most important things to consider when thinking about a new fish tank for your home or business: 

Tank Size.
The larger the tank, the easier it is to care for the aquarium. Larger bodies of water will pollute less quickly and give you more time to react to any potential problems that may occur. There's more of a buffer zone if thngs go wrong. Of course, larger tanks cost more to purchase and to run. Additional filtration will require additional energy usage.

Where you place you aquarium is very important. Avoiding direct sunlight and high traffic areas is always best. Direct sunlight impacts water quality, temperature, and can affect your tank with disastrous results. Once your tank is placed, it's difficult to move it. So choose your location thoughtfully.

You may choose to care for your aquarium yourself or have a service like ours do it for you. Some people choose our service at the beginning, allowing us to teach you all you need to know, and that's terrific! Consider monthly water changes, filter maintenance, the type of aquatic life you want, and their particular requirements to stay healthy. Frequency of care is also a factor. Does your aquarium require weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly care? How do you check the quality of water in your tank? What happens if something goes wrong and how do you fix it? Don't worry -- Aquatic Start can help with all of that.

Call us today and schedule a free consultation to assess your needs at (215) 780-0120 or (609) 423-4120. Servicing Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Westchester New York. For more up-to-the-minute free warnings and other important information, "Like" our Facebook page here! We also have a growing selection ot YouTube videos that you may find helpful. You can find those here.

Some people remark that even though we're experts in the latest technology, working with us is like going back in time — to when businesses still cared about customer service and treated customers with respect. That's how we were raised. Call us today. You'll be glad you did.

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