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The hobbyist or Aquarist is subjected to all kinds of advertisements for what's best in aquarium filter media. We will explain what's the best method and how to use the media more effectively. In this blog, we will investigate all the different types of media that there are available to put into your aquarium system.  There are three different types of carbon out there. The first type is called bituminous carbon. It is the most widely available carbon substrate and inexpensive for the hobbyist in today's market. The second type is lignite carbon and the third and final type is our ROX 0.8 carbon.

Bituminous carbon is not as soft as the others and Will rinse quickly. It is the least effective of all three types it is more effective and filtering out air particles then water particles. Lignite carbon is a lab grade media which filters out all the pigments from the Ditris material that is present in your aquarium water. This will optimize the effectiveness of your lighting system for a reef aquarium.  Once placed properly in the different types of filters that are available, it will quickly clear up the water into the crystal blue water that a hobbyist expects. The only drawback is that this carbon must be rinsed for a longer period of time then the normal bituminous carbon that is available on the market. Once you see the carbon rinsing clear it is safe to place it in your aquarium filter. The last and most effective is ROX 0.8 carbon. This particular carbon is the lab grade carbon that is usually used in applications that require crystal clear and clean water for experimental purposes.

All three types of carbon are available on the web. From all of us here at Aquaticstart, we hope that this information will provide you a more pleasant experience with your hobby. It is recommended that you use these products in a GFO reactor, which best utilizes your particular type of carbon to clean your water properly.

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